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The great thing about your first cock being so big is that after he shoves it down your throat all the other cocks that come after it are going to be no trouble at all for you to deepthroat.He’s on his way over and he is just biting at the bit to tear that virgin ass of throat of yours up.I’ll bet that you get the biggest boner of your life once you get to see the big cock that’s he’s packing and start imagining what it’s like to put it in your mouth.Make sure that his big hard boner is ready for that mouth of yours. Keep going I want to see the whole dildo in your mouth and don't you dare puke. - Sunshine Do you like it when I push you to suck the cock of my other slave?Give it a good jerk, take it and put it between your lips all the way down to your throat. How does it feel to have a thick, firm piece of meat going in and out of your mouth while he teases and pleases my pussy in a way that you can only imagine?

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