Date and dash speed dating

We looked at the most popular dash cams on the market to find the best dash cam for your situation.Since dash cams can range between and 0, it's important that you prioritize features that meet your needs so that you don't overpay or underpay.Dash cams are more important to professional drivers than to typical drivers because their livelihood is at stake.As such, our pick for the best dash cam is the Black Vue DR650S-2CH.In fact, you can adjust the cameras to give you a 240-degree view of the front of your vehicle, wider than any other dash cam we’ve seen.That said, you can also adjust the second camera to record the interior of your vehicle or the rear.While all dash cams provide an objective witness to an accident, our pick for the best dash cam overall is the Black Vue DR650S-2CH because the dual camera design sees more than other dash cams and the Wi-Fi feature makes for easy tracking.However, while the high-end price and advanced features mean it's ideal for professional drivers, it may be more than a casual commuter would ever need.

Whenever I review car tech like dash cams, I emphasize technology designed to make you into a better, more aware driver.Editor's Note: The Papago Go Safe 260 has been discontinued by the manufacturer but they continue to sell numerous other dash cam models.We will consider reviewing them for our next round of product updates.The G-Sensor detects collisions and incidents, which automatically saves the footage, including pertinent GPS data such as location, direction and time of day.The Garmin 35 installs directly to your windshield and is always recording, so long as it's plugged into a power source.

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