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In a hotel-like situation it's not bad, but when you are living in a family, it alienates you and makes you feel like a stranger in what is supposed to be your home, which is pretty hard.Seven months in, I had to go home to the US for a month for a personal situation, and I found out that my host sister had stolen around 00 from my credit card (and I don't have a ton of money else than that).In the home country Because I think a year abroad can actually teach me much more than sitting in class with 200 other students?People seem to be to hung up on what you are supposed to do that at times they forget what the actual purpose of those things, such as education is.Something that is called ´personal growth´, which can be at so many levels (speaking a new language, being more independent, being more tolerant etc.).So yes, I do miss them, if that answers your questions.

If you tell them this isn´t true they will most likely not even listen to you. It´s true when they say nothing valuable comes for free, and an exchange is not only a financial investment, it is also an emotional investment, but you will always get something out of it.

Leaving everything we know just feels natural to us.

We also won´t get attached to our new country which we then have to leave for an indefinite amount of time so we don´t really suffer any emotional trauma or anything.* *Please note this was sarcasm. Or even worse, when people go around and imitate your accent but in a really wrong and offensive way.

I switched host families when I went back, and luckily my second host family was really great and I had a good time for the last three months.

Also, I know there are a lot of horror stories out there, but never for a second do I regret going on an exchange program.

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