Dating a narcissictic person

Just because he seems great at first doesn’t mean that’s the whole story. Here are ten warning signs to watch for: The narcissist can’t help but turn the attention back on himself in the conversation.

He orders for you and you feel special and taken care of. He will touch you a lot, or maybe not—if you are not one for public display of affection, he will pick up on that quickly and accommodate you. No matter what you are talking about, he will take the first opportunity to talk about his own experiences.

as long as they are giving him attention and excellent service.

He may have strong social skills and readily engage others in conversation; but if you watch and listen, you will see that they are a new audience to hear his stories and laugh at his jokes.

He might actually go through a red light because he thinks it has been red too long and he is tired of the city government controlling his traffic flow. ) Manic to feel appreciated and annoyed when he feels dismissed, your date may make sure you know how expensive the dinner was and how much trouble he went through to get the reservations, or some other veiled complaint about all the trouble he went to…just for you.

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It's easy to throw around the word "narcissist" around without really knowing what it means: Whether you're talking about Kim Kardashian's selfie obsession, Madonna comparing herself to Martin Luther King, or Kanye West, er, just being Kanye, it's easy to forget that genuine narcissistic behavior is a recognized mental condition.But, if warning signs are sounding off, honor them. Vet him as if your very life depends on it, because one day it may. Make sure you have a friend or family member you can confide in and be truthful about this guy.Take your time and get to know him before you get overly involved.They are expert in making you feel special—from ordering for you at the restaurant to watching out for you when you are walking in traffic, he will wow you with attention.It is all about satisfying his own hunger for money, control, or sex that is motivating their affection for you.

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