Dating a new guy after a breakup

Yup, breaking up doesn’t always mean the relationship is finished.

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--Anonymous Dear Anon, It’s only natural for you and your former lover to move on at different paces and in different ways.

Take all the time you need to learn the lessons offered by your relationship with her. We still work out at the same gym and I am actually fine with that.

In fact, knowing how good I physically look makes me feel good. She doesn't call, email, or text me anymore but does give me these deep stares when I see her... You're not torturing yourself-- your brain chemistry is torturing you.

In any case, it might be easier on you and your brain if you temporarily work out when you know she won't be there.

If you haven't already read the "Coping with Distress and Agony After a Break-up" go here for more tips: And by all means, keep working out, because feeling good about yourself, your fitness, and your good looks is also great for your brain chemistry, will build your confidence, and helps you move on too.

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