Dating a non committal man

The Kabbalah describes God as Ein Sof, which in Hebrew means "without end." Colloquially, of course, we are accustomed to use "infinite" whenever we refer to something “very, very big” or “uncountable.” But its real definition is “without borders” or "without parameters." Just as when we physically grab something, we need edges/borders to hold onto, so too when we mentally grasp a concept, we need to perceive the boundaries of the idea as points of reference.

Thus, when we define something we give it parameters, and thereby we are able to comprehend it.

“People are going to try and act a certain way or fit into a certain box to make sure they’re doing certain things they think everyone else is doing.”In another survey of 120 Lehigh seniors, the average number of people students reported hooking up with during their time at Lehigh was between six and seven, which aligns with the national average reported in England’s research.

About 38 percent of students said they have hooked up with more than 10 people at Lehigh, and just under half have hooked up with eight or more.

“I also know most of my fraternity is in relationships, which would be the opposite of ‘hookup’ culture.”However, one sophomore sorority member said she did connect her experiences in Greek life to how hookup culture plays out on campus.

She said because her sorority generally sees the same three fraternities each week, she has to be mindful about who she hooks up with to avoid judgment from a fraternity who decides she has hooked up with too many of its members.“You don’t want to be the girl who shows up when you’ve hooked up with half of them,” she said.

“But yet, if you hook up with one kid a week and you’re here for seven months, it’s like ‘there goes your dignity.’ Boys don’t have that problem.

She said the fact that students could no longer head off campus to bars or party in their dorms, coupled with rules preventing sororities from throwing parties with alcohol, placed the “socio-sexual power” in the hands of “the most privileged men on campus.”“Coming from Greek life, I see people just assume frat guys try to get with all the girls they can and are shocked when I say I don’t ‘hook up’ with people that often,” said one male junior who spoke on condition of anonymity.Despite this data, media and popular culture place millennials at the center of hyper-sexualized programming from pregnant teens to spring breakers, leading to the frequently publicized misconception millennials are sex-crazed and out to ruin the conventional ideas of dating and relationships generations before them enjoyed.“Hookup culture is not a new thing,” De Sipio said.“It has been happening for generations, and it has just been called something different for every generation.It was heavy petting, then it was casual sex then hooking up, but it’s the same concept.”Sociologists who study sex agree casual sex has been happening for as long as people have been having sex, said Sandra Caron of the University of Maine and author of “Sex Lives of College Students: A Quarter Century of Attitudes and Behaviors.” Today, it’s not the idea of sex before marriage that’s different.It’s college students’ attitudes that have changed.

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