Dating a soldier

This, she says, is simply because of the numbers: The US Army counts 3,100 soldiers, 3,900 American civilian workers, and 1,100 retirees as part of its Wiesbaden Garrison.And around 85 percent of military personnel are male.“I thought, ‘I could make a business out of this’,” Dreyer tells The Local.And so she did last summer, launching her matchmaking service under the name “US Love Wiesbaden”.First of all, you should know that life in the military can be quite different than life for civilians.While many civilians work an average of 40 hours a week, a soldier is on call 24/7 because his job is to ensure that his country and the liberties we hold dear are protected.

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To do so would be to jeopardize the security of the country; a punishable offense.

Keeping your social life active and having someone to talk will be essential during times when your partner is absent. Form friendships with the significant others of soldiers.

They will be able to understand your difficulties much more easily than someone who has never dated someone in the military.

It is not always easy to have a relationship with someone in the military. However, if your soldier is worth the effort and sacrifice then it is imperative that you follow the above tips for dating a soldier.

With thousands of American military members and personnel in the Wiesbaden community, there is certainly a market for foreign singles looking to settle in.

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