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As soon as I was on, I was getting a lot of messages from other profile users.OK, it is about 6 days now (today, ) but they also didn't write back to me. I will call up all the people who also get defrauded by this swindler.Does anyone have a plan to fight against them by law? Otherwise if we are not able to win we have to stand up and hire a hacker or killer to get them down as they have deserved.All the messages I received were mostly computer generated messages from users who were not even close to where I live.In addition, went down and I could not even log into my account for several months considering I paid so much money for it.

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    Online dating websites offer a variety of methods on how to search for a mate.

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    Therefore, to make sure our users have the best dating experience on a millionaire match site, we have in place a special anti-scam system to filter and monitor such users. Our members can vote you in or out after you signed up.

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    I have experienced more things than most people my age...

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    I hope that's not a problem." You would have dumped her on the spot, right? She didn't really have any interest in me except for the occasional drink; she just wanted to be friends. We drank a bit more than we could handle and slept together, and I thought we would start dating.

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