Dating advice playing

They are traveling for work and some are working more than one job to stay afloat.

Divorce rates are higher than ever, so it is likely you are also meeting single moms who are responsible for their children first.

Now, there are always exceptions and last minute fun events or basketball tickets that come up, but we are focusing here on the beginning stages of dating, so humor me.

Are you guilty of watching what you say to a man for fear of appearing “too forward?

If dating is indeed a game then perhaps we should come up with a new strategy for the way we play.

Instead of worrying about the outcome, we should enjoy the exercise for what it is, a meeting of two new people.

Now, Guys, I want to be clear, this does not mean that we don’t want to spend time with you, but that we really don’t have it to give you right now. You will know quickly which woman is playing and which is truly busy, but is also into you.

The latter will make an effort to see you as soon as she can. I am a rules girl and I choose not to accept a date the night of and, quite frankly, often not past Thursday morning for a weekend date.

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