Dating adwords

The growth of niche websites can be compared to what you would see when you view any large magazine rack.

While there will be some magazines that are meant to appeal to anyone and everyone, right next to them you will see magazines that are focused solely on science, or running, or art, or home repair.

It is a recognition that there are individuals with very specific interests, and it makes sense to focus ads directly to those people instead of to the general market.

“Our niche dating ad channels allow advertisers to easily reach the groups they are interested in, and our approach allows publishers to know that the ads on their sites speak to their visitors, and most importantly, the visitors to sites see ads that are actually matched to their interests.” The Cheyenne, Wyoming-based business is looking to work with publishers in the online dating space either running general or niche sites with ad-based or freemium models, or those operating dating information sites or online dating directories that have niche dating categories.

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If you want to advertise to single seniors or single Christians or single fitness enthusiasts, are you better off running your ads on larger generic dating sites, or are you better off running your ads directly on niche dating sites focused on seniors, Christians, etc.

“For example, let’s say you notice that most of your customers click on your beachwear ads in May, but don’t convert until your summer sale in June.

“You can use this information to adjust the start date and duration of future summer promotions to maximize sales.” The “days to conversion” segment is available in the Ad Words report under the conversions dropdown. Simon is the former editor of Global Dating Insights.

The network currently offers over 70 niche dating ad channels, and is working with a range of publishers across the US and Europe.

As co-founder Michael Carter explained when we spoke to him earlier this year: “The concept of niche marketing isn’t a new one.

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