Dating after divorce christian perspective

Most of the divorcés I met actually had less baggage and fewer hang-ups than some of the ‘forever singles’!

Despite having been through painful break-ups, they were convinced of the benefits of marriage, and weren’t afraid to have another crack at it.

They’d learned from their mistakes and seemed well equipped to conduct a grown-up relationship.

Plus another woman had already put in the work on their domestic training!

I knew it was unfair: many people’s marriages end against their will, and through no fault of their own.

🙂 Of course, if I were considering a relationship with a divorcé, I’d need to know exactly why his marriage ended.

Infidelity would be a serious red flag, as would be an inability to examine honestly the part he may have played in the ending of the marriage.

It was a shocker of a story, and the poor guy clearly hadn’t processed the trauma, let alone found any peace in it. In his position, I would be, too – but let’s not forget, this was meant to be a date.

(You can read the full grisly story in my book, Would Like To Meet). Are they rushing to fill the gap left by their spouse, or do they seem genuinely ready to move on? Have they worked through the trauma of their divorce?

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