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When the Irish Examiner published this information in 2015, it asked the DCYA did it not think that the AAI’s belief that thousands of people in the country had their identities falsely registered — a criminal offence — warranted investigation?The department declined to respond to the specific questions asked, but said a full audit of adoption records would be “of very limited benefit”.In response, the DCYA said the record of the meeting had been “interpreted incorrectly”.The Irish Examiner also asked if the department had any plans to inform those victims of illegal birth registrations from St Patrick’s Guild of the true circumstances of their births.Accordingly, an audit of all adoption records would be of very limited benefit in establishing the number of illegal registrations that took place. The 120 cases mentioned by the AAI in the June 2013 meeting refer to a 2010 audit it carried out of its records on foot of a story by this newspaper on the case of Tressa Reeves, whose son was illegally adopted and falsely registered as the natural child of the adoptive parents without her consent.This was facilitated by St Patrick’s Guild, which allowed the couple to take the child without a formal adoption order being made.Adoption campaigners have called for a full audit of records for years. You can go back two decades to find St Patrick’s Guild hitting the headlines but let’s start a little closer to the present.

There is little, if any, supporting information in relation to these arrangements...Tusla paid the agency €30,000 to support the storage of the files while the transfer was being negotiated and to assist the agency with its closure.The AAI delegation also named a well-known former private nursing home — St Rita’s in Dublin — where women went to give birth to their children before having to place them for adoption, as a “huge source of illegal registrations”.The involvement of this agency in such practices has been known for years.However, the fact that Ms Zappone has announced a sampling exercise to see if an audit of all adoption records held by the State is needed to ascertain the scale of the illegal adoptions scandal is welcome.

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