Dating an aquarius men wu chun dating 2016

Despite his lack of over-the-top emotions, you have to say that he has a distinct and definitive line drawn between what he wants and doesn’t want in a relationship.This sort of makes it easy to know if the two of you are compatible or not.He loves to play the field before he commits to a relationship.He won’t commit until he finds someone he can communicate with both verbally and mentally; he’s way more practical than emotional.This altruistic air sign loves to have a cause to champion, so get his attention by speaking about charitable causes.The Aquarius man has to be with someone who “gets” him, understands his special qualities, and supports him emotionally.

Being in love is a life experience that everyone deserves.Sex With an Aquarius Man If you’re looking for emotional, mushy, make-me-feel-special kind of action in the bedroom, this is not something the Aquarius man can deliver.However, he is very spiritual and though he may seem detached from his emotions in (and out of) bed, his sexual flair for the original and exciting can create a transcendental experience.As an air sign, he processes everything through his mind first.Dating an Aquarius Man Communication is the key to dating an Aquarius man.

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