Dating an ecuadorian man

Mainstream media’s Cenozoic Age has ended with its iconic networks and publication behaving like a wooly mammoth stuck in a tar pit, the more it struggles to get out of its wallowing fix, the more it sinks into a fossil-fed future.The decline and fall of the current Fourth Estate (a free press) of the Republic of the United States is in that tar pit of jet blackness.Time for a replacement to rise from the bones of its fast-approaching extinction.

After a lot of bread and bones broken and the circus of blood satiated, Maximus the Gladiator repeats the late emperor’s once-upon-a-time fairy tale slogan, “Once there was a dream that was Rome…” Then he drops to the Colosseum floor dead after killing Aurelius’ twisted son, Emperor Commodus in single combat. I’ve got to say something about actor Joachim Phoenix’s interpretation of Commodus. He’s the movie’s heavy full of many disquieting shades of character, not all of them negative and even the negatives not completely sourced to his character but sourced to the evil of good men like his father Marcus Aurelius, who neglected him and did not love him. Commodus is portrayed in twilight zoned-out ambiguity as an almost-man living somewhere frightened like a child of the dark.

You place it before me because of what I do over the many years and over 1,000 articles that Hogue Prophecy contains and counting.

You read Hogue Prophecy and aren’t afraid to have your fact deprivation provoked.

Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the other crafters of the US Constitution modeled their Republic of the United States on the Roman model, not the chaos that was the Greek Democracy of the Athenian State.

When Athenian democratic chaos spread, it took a fascist dictatorship of Pericles to restore law and order.

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