Dating ancient artifiacts

But the southeasterly dispersal pattern associated with the 79 AD eruption was more commonly associated with a transitional wind pattern prevalent as the seasons changed from summer to autumn and not the westerly blowing prevailing wind of July and August.

While there can be differences in modern and ancient prevailing winds, this suggests the 79 AD eruption took place during this transitional period- during the early autumn.

Grete Stefani, the current site director of Pompeii described the evidence that led her and botanist Michele Borgongino to date the eruption to autumn.

They analyzed the organic wares of shops and warehouses in Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis and found that they consisted of freshly harvested autumn fruits such as pomegranates and walnuts as well as dried dates, prunes and figs which would typically have been fresh during the summer.

Many of the casts of the bodies of Vesuvius’s victims showed that they were wearing layers of warmer clothing.

Some have claimed that people put on heavier clothing to protect them from the eruption.

‘at the end of autumn.’” So, the traditional date cannot be relied upon, because of ‘Chinese whispers’ that have occurred between the original document and later copies.

Wind data collected over a period of 20 years established that from October to June, the prevailing wind conditions matched the northeasterly dispersal patterns of the tephra.She said people have been living here a lot longer then what we’ve thought.This research is about breaking time barriers, and the group is digging deeper to help find the start of civilization in America.In 2007, Stefani, along with G Rolandi, A Paone and M Di Lascio, began to study the dispersal patterns of deposits of tephra– the rock fragments and ash– emitted during a series of eight other eruptions of Vesuvius.For six of the eruptions, the tephra deposits dispersed in an east-north-east direction.

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