Dating and marriage in belgium

I got married in Belgium this summer (to a Belgian, of course.) In many ways it was just like getting married in the United States: the bride wears a fancy white dress, the groom wears a fancy suit, family and friends come together, there's a big party afterwards. Perhaps the main difference is that in Belgium, everyone who gets married has to get married at city hall (stadhuis or gemeentehuis) in the city where they reside.

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A Belgian wedding cake is often either a croquembouche (see previous French wedding traditions article for more information) little bit about Adam, founder of Top Table Planner...

In this way, the wedding handkerchief is passed down from generation to generation, and is considered to be an important family heirloom.

Top Table Planner makes seating plan headaches a thing of the past!

It’s easy to drag and drop guests and tables around the screen and you can create different layouts to see what works best. » It is considered in Belgium that the most honoured position is either at the head of the table or in the centre, with the most important guests seated first to the left and then to the right of the head of the table.

This customary etiquette matches perfectly with the European style of top table seating plan.

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