Dating and waiting book

For me personally, most of what the author talked about wasn't relevant to my own journey through singleness, and I need other books that revealed more about how my own broken past affect my relationships rather than being frustrated with being single.

Personally I was not a fan of the author's writting style - using too many cute metaphors and writing as if they were talking to sixteen year old girls rather than older single women (but I will consent to being a literary snob so please take that comment with a grain of salt).

In this case, the reason I was unable to finish it was because I got so bogged down with the feeling that the author was very "bitter and single," moping about how life would begin when she met someone (while at the same time passionately denying that you needed a man).

Severa I began reading this book several years ago before meeting my fiance, and I was unable to finish it.

Instead of focusing on women, their focus was on God.

I appreciated the Scripture use in this book and came away with the truth that God is enough to satisfy and fulfill my needs.

You must take your thoughts to Jesus and leave them in His capable hands." (P.

130-131)Unlike most books I've seen in the category "for single women," Jackie Kendall and Debbie Jones's approach to was refreshing.

Hard to shak The book opens with the contention that a husband will not truly or fully satisfy a young Christian woman deepest desires, only God can do that.

Several of the author's points were contradictory, because while she said she didn't need someone, I still got the impression she felt like she needed someone to be content.

I felt like this book was more about becoming someone who was so obedient to God he blesses you with a man, rather than being your best self in spite of having someone, and enjoying that time of singleness.

I also really liked how there are many practical ideas to help the readers strive toward godliness.

Like for diligence, we can diligently pursue a ministry of teachi This is an amazing book... It really reminds me how I need to develop my character with God's help, instead of just wasting time.

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