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Scenes that include no women are skipped, resulting in Basic Instinct 1:1 being about 40 minutes shorter than the movie.It's a radically different way to look at a film that's become, for better or for worse, iconic. Catherine Tramell est une romancière américaine, et les meurtres qu'elle dépeint dans ses romans se réalisent de plus en plus souvent dans la vie réelle. Lorsque le commissaire Roy Washburn lui demande d'évaluer psychologiquement une femme mêlée à la mort mystérieuse d'un célèbre sportif, son univers bascule...In this production, directed by Richardson and Samantha Johns, the men's roles have been entirely omitted.When male characters speak, the women onstage wait in silence.

The film centres around police detective Nick Curran (Douglas), who is put in charge of the investigation of the brutal murder of a wealthy former rock star.

Beautiful, seductive and wealthy writer Catherine Tramell (Stone) could be involved; over the course of the investigation, Detective Curran becomes involved in a torrid and intense relationship with the mysterious woman—who turns out to be very dangerous.

Parents need to know that this film is about a murderer who kills people with an ice pick.

Channer, though, has an interesting idea: What about doing Thelma and Louise?

Detective Nick Curran, a member of the San Francisco Police Department, is in charge of investigating the murder of Johnny Boz, a rock star, killed with a Hermes scarf during a sexual encounter.

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