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With a design by John Mercanti, the reverse features a shielded bald eagle with outstretched wings grasping arrows and an olive branch in its talons.

The American Silver Eagle, first released in 1986, is the only sovereign bullion coin produced in the US.

age 57 - AL, United States If you create a profile you can view these profiles and contact the users!

Among the variety of American Silver Eagle products offered by Provident, the Silver Eagles with a brilliant uncirculated finish are some of the most popular silver bullion coins in the world.

Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver that is mined exclusively in the United States. The obverse of the Silver Eagle, designed by Adolph A.

Weinman, features Lady Liberty stepping toward a sunrise with an American flag draped across her shoulders.

Silver is far more affordable than gold bullion, making silver an ideal choice for accumulating wealth over the years for healthy long-term investment purposes.

American Silver Eagles provide a simple, stable method of investing in silver.

The number listed for each year in the table is the first number issued that year. If your number is higher, but less than the number for the next year, then your item had it's design registered during that year.Buying sovereign minted silver coins and other silver bullion products is an affordable safe haven investment that has stood the test of time.Take the first step toward diversifying your portfolio by exploring the bullion options below.This tends to protect the use of these marks, and in general restricts them to use on pieces made in the UK.This protects both collectors and the companies who registered the marks.

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