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A male w/a lot of such aspects usually has the corresponding "animal magnetism" to attract females and get them to say "yes" moreso than Betas and definitely more than Omegas.

So, when it comes to Alphas in general, that’s what I would expect to see, lots of Sexual Aspects, perhaps w/an additional refinement of said aspects occuring in Beastial Signs: Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius (at least the first half of the Sign anyway LOL), Capricorn, Leo. I suppose I would be looking for "outcaste" signals astrologically, but I’d need a bit more time as to how to formulate a postualte here.

HS posits that instead of usual dichotomy of males, ie, Alpha and Beta, that there was a third catergory, Omega.

He suggests that these three catergory of human males are an interesting study in how the human race gets on w/the business of reproducing itself. As we all know, the Alpha Male catergory is pretty straightforward, even though we’ve live in an Industrial age now for a little more than a century, and the Alpha Male’s heyday was back during the Hunter/Gatherer and early Agricultural eras.

The Zodiac means literally, Circle of Animals, and we’re a lot closer to the Animal Kingdom than we think.

fuseaction=Thread&entry ID=67029506&category ID=0&Is Sticky=0&group ID=100071296&Mytoken=C4B18A79-E396-4B9D-9C802B931DC97EAD37285848One of my usual haunts on the Web is a blog called Half Sigma, which I got turned on to while checking in w/another haunt of mine, Steve Sailer’s blog.OK, so since we’ve briefly outlined the three types of males, the question becomes-how do we see this astrologically?I have a few theories, but I invite those reading alone (especially the ladies! It seems pretty clear to me that Sexual Aspects play a huge role here.You have lots of things but not enough time so the most successful know how to prioritize. What is the most recent book you read, and what do you think about it? What would you do differently if your were the CEO of your company? Have I had to persuade my superiors to go with something I came up with? Three qualities of a leader and an example of a situation in which you exhibited the same.Have I ever been in a team conflict and how did I react to it? What specific extra curriculars do you plan to take part in at Wharton? Talk about your extracurricular an example when you conflicted with senior managementhow would you want to be remembered after graduating from Wharton What type of summer internship will you be seeking? If you are admitted, two years from now, how will your classmates remember you?

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