Dating chanel

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The earliest pieces of Bear archery dating arrondissement jewelry were unsigned, but they do have some distinguishing characteristics. None of these pas were signed, and it goes dating chanel ne that these early pas are extremely rare and require cchanel expertise to cruise them.

I could probably help you narrow down the date of the bottles a bit if you link to pics of them - the bottles themselves, not necessarily the boxes." I also wanted to pass along this link, which is a really great resource for dating vintage Chanel bottles.

The main things to look at are the thickness of the stopper (they started out thin but got thicker over time) and the labels - how big is the label, where is it placed on the bottle (top or middle), how dark and thick are the letters on the label.

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To the OP: I responded to you yesterday, but I fear my post might have gotten lost among the joke responses, so here is my last post from yesterday, as well as something else I though of: "The Chanel interlocking CC logo was used since at least 1950, probably even before.

Ok, kidlets, I put in bids on two auctions for vintage No5 extrait, and much to my surprise, I ended up winning them both!

So, now I have one bottle in hand and another on the way..I'm not sure which to keep or what the date is on either.

I've read the guide on ebay, and I'm pretty sure they are both pre-1960, as they lack the linked "C" logo and metric volume.

Does anyone know of a reliable reference for dating these?

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