Dating clothing with rn numbers

The labels: Included in the information found on clothing labels are Company Name, Content, Care instructions, Registered identification numbers, manufacturing Country and size.

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It is not the date the garment was made because companies may keep the same RN # as long as they are in business.

It is helpful if you have something you think may have been made in either the 1960s or the 1980s.

Expired numbers were not entered into the database.

CA #s The equivalent registration number in Canada is a CA #, and may be researched on the Canadian government site.CA Identification Number Search:;jsessionid=00015m L-_10V8S0ydjau WDe1R82: N08BLK1QO?lang=eng Resources: Z10000000003229985 Time: I have started loading clothing into my store Shuushuu by Lu Lu and I will have some photos of models wearing the vintage clothing.So if the design house is in New York, but the garment was made in Vietnam, the label would state: “Made in Vietnam”.These days symbols are used for the care instructions. As of 1997, manufacturers could use either words, symbols or a combination of both.

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