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This summer a controversial anti-propaganda law, seen by many as a direct attack on the LGBT community, passed through the Moldovan parliament, but was struck down by the country’s constitutional court for limiting gay and transgender rights.The anti-propaganda law was pushed by the Moldovan Orthodox Church, which demanded a ban on “propaganda” related to “homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, pedophilic, zoophilic, incestuous, and perverse behavior,” according to a statement released at the time.“Like in Russia, the situation for LGBT members here is very bad,” says Anastasia Danilova, executive director of Gender Doc-M, the only gay-rights NGO in Moldova.They had found his number on a gay dating site, arranged a meetup and, after calling him a faggot, beat him and kicked him in the face.Then, for good measure, they stole his bag and wallet.“It was vicious, and when the police arrived they started asking me all these degrading questions,” says Andrei, who asked that his name be changed.The remaining population was Russian, Romanian and Ruthenians.Orhei was home to many Jews prior to World War II, and has a large Jewish cemetery.

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A local radiostation exists in Orhei - Radio Orhei.With Ukraine delaying its entry into the EU's Eastern Partnership program under pressure from Russia -- which wants to keep its sphere of economic and political influence -- developments in Moldova have taken on even greater significance.The passing last year of Moldova’s first anti-discrimination law was praised as a positive step towards greater rights for minorities, albeit one that took eight years to get off the ground.The country only ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2010, and activists say that people with disabilities still lack access to education and jobs, while the Roma community is looked upon with general suspicion.However, it is the LGBT community that seems to bear the brunt of verbal, and occasionally physical, abuse and discrimination.“People in Moldova struggle to find work if they are openly gay, and they are afraid to go to the police if they are attacked because of the reaction they will get,” says Igor Stoica, a program coordinator at Amnesty International Moldova. Stoica says 35 cases have already been brought to Amnesty this year in which gay men or women have been physically or psychologically assaulted.

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