Dating costume photographs

So I held his huge, rock hard cock in my hand and wanked him for a while, pulling his fore skin back and seeing what I was about to get up my ass, the whole time feeling the young cock in my pussy hammering away, about to fill me up.I leant forward pushing the young cock even further into me while shoving my tit in his mouth and making him suck it, and guided the other cock towards my ass.I could feel that he was twitching and about to come inside of me and it was then that the door bell went.

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I could see the bulge growing in his jeans so told him to stand up.I got chatting to him and he said he was eighteen and lived locally.He was so cute and it looked like he had a really nice body and I found myself feeling so horny and decided that this was going to be my first taste of young cock.Well when I say two men, there was a bloke who looked to be in his thirties and a young lad, who I was told had just left school and was on an apprentership.The older one said that if it was o.k with me that he would leave the lad to do the inspection and when he had fininshed that he was to call him, and he would then come back to check on his work.

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