Dating daily mirror

Hang the DJ ended on a uncharacteristic high note as the characters appeared to live happily ever after.Much like season three’s San Junipero, the story wrapped up on an uplifting note as the central protagonists went off into the sunset together.

Despite his sometimes mercurial editorship, he engendered much loyalty for his commitment to campaigning journalism.

Downing Street refused to comment on the resignation, saying it was a matter for the Mirror board.

Last night the regimental secretary, Lt Col John Downham, was proved right after saying: "This regiment has seen off Louis X1V, Napoleon, Kaiser Bill, and Hitler.

Morgan, who had made it clear that he would not resign, was not given the option of apologising and keeping his job.

According to staff, he was not allowed to bid farewell to his newsroom before being ushered out of the building. Morgan's jacket was still on the chair where he had been sitting before being summoned by Miss Bailey.

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