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She fears she may be unattractive, but receives attention from boys at school.

When Minnie's bohemian mother Charlotte is too busy to go out with her boyfriend Monroe, she suggests he take Minnie out instead.

At a bar, Minnie and Kimmie decide to pose as prostitutes.

They fellate two boys in the bathroom, but the next day they agree it was a bad choice.

The cast was as follows: Marielle Heller as Minnie, Michael Laurence as Monroe, Mariann Mayberry as Charlotte, Nell Mooney as Kimmie, and Jon Krupp (Arthur Aulisi in extension) as Pascal. Andrew Bauer, lighting design by Laura Mroczkowski, sound design by Marcelo Añez, costume design by Emily De Angelis, prop design by Lauren Asta.

She is stirred by her awakening sexuality and wants to lose her virginity.It was critically acclaimed and ran for six weeks in March-April 2010.The success of the production helped convince Phoebe Gloeckner to give the film rights to Heller.Minnie finds a letter from Aline encouraging her to draw more comics.Selling her comics and zines on the beach, Minnie runs into Monroe.

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