Dating disability

It was an experiment to see how I would do if I presented myself as just a normal guy. Some of them messaged me first, something almost unheard of previously.

I asked one what she was up to and she responded, “talking to a cute journalist.” I have had my share of dates, but the conversations that preceded them tended to be nice but polite, somewhat earnest.

In addition to the General Management Committee DSF has a number of sub committees with responsibility for Finance, Policy, Performance Sport and Safeguarding in Sport.

Our individual members and teams have enjoyed enormous success in Scottish national events across all sports.Leading the development of inclusive sport and active recreation for children, young people and adults with a physical, sensory or learning disability across Fife.In 2017 DSF celebrated 40 years as the disability sport lead body in Fife for children, athletes and players of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability.I don’t know much about the congenital birth defects that left me, among other things, regrettably short and reliant on crutches to walk.The damage happened before I emerged from the womb and life since has been learning to live with it. My amazing parents were fierce about treating me like any child, and taught me to see myself the same way.

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