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Heh, actually it's a brilliant move if you think about it....: P What you just said kind of proves my point, I kind of feel the same way..anticipation is killing me..... The moments before the kill, those are the best times of my life.

by Tas Walker Radioactive dating begins by carefully measuring the concentrations of radioactive isotopes in rocks.

While they may indeed know it now, or at least have a target date set...

the fact that they keep it in the dark is a smart move on their part.

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The unstable potassium isotope is called the parent while the argon product is called the daughter.

Once again, because of the "Sloppy Hardcoding" of D2 LOD (Mind, it was a rush job after the sky-rocketing sales of classic) whenever you kill diablo in hell with this ring in your ring slot the game crashes. Of course, people have seen this, of course it is flawed and old. be that they did it intentionally but im sure they werent serious with the realease date because they never set a release date for their games.

I bet you all are thinking now, WOW what a waste of time! Looking for a nice date to anounce the game is enaugh anyway.

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