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As time passed and the walls in the box office became too full of 8x10’s signed by other performers, the executive director felt that some of the pictures and posters needed to come down.Since there were so many of Billy Ray, she asked the women to remove their posters since they were all so similar.When the other three returned, they found Joe hanging from the curtain rigging, dead.And since then, sounds have been heard, things have gone missing, cold drafts have been felt, and some folks even claim to have seen the image of a man appear on occasion. Not much: surrounding town of Radcliff – nothing to do at all. PX was on the smaller side; however, neat, well organized and food court has approximately 6 different eateries. Lots of stuff for kids, bowling, water park, movies ……. Officers Wives Association and Enlisted Wives Associations Things to do in area? Not a very huge town, but a quick escape, that does not require a lot of travel time. Walker Elementary is where our kids went – fantastic staff, teachers, a guidance counselor (Mrs.

WKU has multiple pathways that can help you achieve your goals.

(on post and off) NOTHING on post – completely taken by the locals.

I traveled for a while to Louisville and then obtained a management position at a local bank right in the City of Radcliff.

Are you an international student, an adult learner, a military , transfer , or dual credit student? Learn More Can you see yourself making a positive impact at WKU?

We offer an inviting and challenging work environment, responsive to the needs of a diverse and ambitious learning community. The WKU Counseling and Testing Center was accredited in 2009 through the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS).

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