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Unfortunately, I felt inept and like guys just didn’t notice me.

As I became more confident in my greatness as a child of God, I realized that there was NOTHING wrong with me and that God had someone special for me.

seeing as your dream was only a dream, youll end each day feeling fulfilled that you spoke to him.

Youll learn that radio silence isnt the best option if contact is already being established.

Sitting at home depressed will just make the situation worse.• Remember that it’s okay to choose to WAIT to date.

Dating can sometimes produce unnecessary pressure and premature emotional attachment.

Try to keep your mind off the situation by engaging in new and exciting activities.

It’s easier to move forward when you’re doing other things and interacting with other people regularly.

It’s much easier to be a good friend AFTER you’ve healed and regenerated yourself.• Keep yourself occupied. But that didnt stop his new profile picture, with an unknown woman next to him.With the the presence of evil, you look for a friend and beat them at Go Fish.I discovered that it’s okay that the other guys didn’t like me because they weren’t who God had created for me.All this to say, God has someone JUST FOR YOU and when that time comes, the other relationships just won’t seem to matter! If the guy that you like likes someone else, don’t try to sabotage that relationship.

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