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No matter who you are, no matter how much you like each other, you’ve got to get a little bit of time apart here and there.It’s far better for a relationship to be comprised of two strong, healthy, independent people than it is for one or both of them to be needy and greedy with the time of others. Time spent both alone and in groups that do not include a significant other are important for maintaining balance in your life.What’s harder to get a handle on is why no one likes being around a needy man. On the one hand, we often teach you to know what you want in life, state your desire, and go for it.On the other hand, very few people want to engage with desperate, desirous people. It’s a fluid and abstract mental-emotional shift that takes us from one to the other, and the roots go deep.

Five Signs You Are being Needy in a Relationship Think about the last time she had a girls’ night out, or you went out with your guy friends. You don’t need to be going out with the guys as much as you were when you were single.Often, women don’t even realize when they’re showing signs of a clingy tendency.But men are ultra sensitive to clingers and always pick up on these.It’s one of the top reasons men end things before they begin: a woman overstepped her boundaries.She got too close, too soon or indicated that she would eventually.

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