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Show the video to your teenager, and freeze when any noticeable emotion is shown.

Help your teenager label the emotions, as well as any nonverbal clues. With your teenager, brainstorm as many different feelings as you can and list them on a sheet of paper.

[Point out to your teenager that when they start to notice themselves experiencing these physical cues, this is their body’s way of telling them that they are experiencing intense feelings.

The goal for your teenager is to recognize these signs early on before the anger gets out of control.]Clenched fists, angry face, folded arms, etc.

They may not understand the varying degrees within a single emotion, not comprehending the difference between a slight irritation and rage.The degree of difficulty varies from one individual to the next.Most commonly, an individual's senses are either intensified (hypersensitivity) or underdeveloped (hyposensitivity). For example, light background music played at a low volume can be perceived as loud and shrill.The following worksheet (“The Five Senses”) can be used to help a teenager with high functioning autism explore sensory responses to various experiences so that they will be better equipped to identify and avoid stimulations that could lead to sensory confusion.The goal of the exercise is to test each of the five senses to determine the level of sensitivity.

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