Dating ex spouse

And now, it seems he's fleeing the States ahead of the royal wedding (more on that later).The couple parted ways in August 2013, but kept their separation on the down-low.Markle's former spouse has made a few headlines since she started dating a member of the royal family.First, it turns out he's working on a project about an actress marrying a prince.Meghan Markle is currently preparing for her historic wedding to Prince Harry at Windsor Castle, but as royal fans are well aware, this isn't her first wedding.

If your birthday is January 2, 1954 or later, the option to take only one benefit at full retirement age no longer exists.

" and "Get ready to party."“I met him in Chicago and we were supposed to go out, and I ended up seeing him one time and he’d been texting me,” she told ”But now their relationship is strictly business.

“He looks a little bit like my ex, which scares me,” she said.

If you file for one benefit, you will be effectively filing for all retirement or spousal benefits.

If you continue to work while receiving benefits, the retirement benefit earnings limit still applies.

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