Dating exclusively but not girlfriend

“I could only juggle three people at a time for one-month spans before it got out of hand — someone would freak out or want commitment,” she says.

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(Despite the old-school belief that men are born to "sow their wild seeds," some men want monogamy, too, duh.)Gretchen, a 30-year old producer living in Los Angeles, says relationships in her rotation also seem to be short-lived.It's just gotten more buzz ever since Chloe, the infamous party girl and lead character from Of course, I’m not the only 20-something who jumped into a rotation immediately following a breakup.Nina, a 25-year-old accountant living in Chicago, started hers after a four-year relationship ended. And, Monica*, a 25-year-old producer in New York City, can also echo the experience.“I feel like I would stop immediately if I met someone I really liked.” Gretchen, a former multi-dater who is now in a committed, long-term relationship, says: “Having a rotation worked for me, and I had fun.It got kind of difficult with all of the drama, though.”Cassie*, a 30-year-old designer living in Brooklyn, got out of her rotation only after one date asked her to be monogamous with him. “But, he always brought me on amazing experiences, and it’s hard not to fall for someone when each experience is so fun.”For some women, having a rotation with the hopes of ultimately meeting a long-term partner can also be unfulfilling.

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