Dating fiestaware marks

Heaths active in the Staffordshire region of England in the nineteenth century.Kowalsky and Kowalsky also listed several Heaths (199-230) and provided photographs of the company’s marks.

This makes it unlikely that this particular vessel was associated with the short Eppes occupation of the property.

Some of the suggestions were: peace sign, caltrops (my favorite), windmill, flux capacitor, trefoil, nuclear warning symbol, triquetra, and the Mercedes-Benz logo. The suggestion was provided by Associate Archaeologist Eric Proebsting as the term he had used to describe the same unidentified mark from one of his previous research projects in Arkansas.

A short internet search later led us to a pinterest account with numerous pages for images of historical ceramics, furniture, and paintings, which included this page.

Some American pottery companies copied the Royal Arms mark for their own use, perhaps in an attempt to prove quality and entice buyers. The Homer Laughlin China Company (the producers of Fiesta Ware beginning in the 1930s) from Ohio took a completely opposite approach, depicting a triumphant eagle attacking a lion.

century or later, the garter appeared after 1840 and the Staffordshire knot after about 1845 (Godden 19).

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