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It’s those skills that will get you laid, not your fucking car or your six pack abs (though I agree these things can in certain scenarios).

It’s also true, as I’ve been loudly proclaiming for years, that you do need to increase your income, particularly if you make less than ,000. But as I’ve said perhaps hundreds of times, you don’t increase your income for women, you increase your income to be a happier man and live a better life . Any time you have trouble with women, and the first thought that pops into your mind is that you need to make more money, get bigger muscles, or get a better car, immediately slap yourself in the face.

By the summer of 2009, I was having sex with numerous hot girls, many of them almost 20 years younger than me, with very fast meet-to-sex times, without having to pay for any of it. There are now going to be a bunch of you who will lose their shit and scream that I’m saying SMV doesn’t matter at all. Of course SMV is a factor in determining whether or not a man gets laid with at least cute girls, then you need to explain the chubby homeless guy who was banging all these girls that I talked about here.

I devote entire chapters in my books to this important aspect, and have written many articles about it here at this blog.

But, you don’t try to look better or get a better car without focusing on improving your dating and relationships skills.

You need to explain the myriad of very rich men on the sugar daddy sites who also can’t get laid.

You need to explain the fat guys (not overweight, but would have sex with them.

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