Dating first kiss in russian

There is a reason that a favourite joke of Russian men is: “Are you mad at me? ” “Yes.” This guide could go on forever, but that would deprive you of the thrill of trying to figure out how to get along with a Russian woman.

If nothing scares you off and you do decide to marry one, go ahead and read some Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

If a Russian woman loves, for her there are no rules, she falls in love once and for life.

After a dating with a Russian woman, the question arises: “How to conduct a second date? Even if your first date was perfect, this does not mean that everything is already done and the woman in love with you. The first date is the most important and most difficult among all, because it is necessary to spend it unusual, to know preferences of the girl, what she enjoys in life and more.

Therefore, to accurately answer the question on what date you can kiss her – is difficult.

First of all, you should understand what kiss means for a girl.

Shower her with attention Compared to their Western counterparts, Russian women are more open to male chivalry – and are more likely to expect it from men. In Russia giving flowers in even numbers is only considered appropriate for funerals, although modern florists claim you’ll be fine as long as the total number exceeds a dozen.

Opening the car door for her, helping her with her coat, letting a woman go through first when entering or exiting a building – this is all standard operating procedure in Russia, and they help to make a good impression. So, as a rule of thumb, either buy flowers in odd numbers, or buy so many that she won’t be able to count!

Moreover, maybe you felt that she liked you, but were afraid to admit it?Look at these tips and don’t hesitate next time: All Russian women have different attitudes to intimate relationships with the opposite sex.It depends on the upbringing and the outlook and sometimes from the circumstances.If you want to get that second date, here are a few essential guidelines to follow.Of course, if you really want to unravel the mystery of the Russian woman, you should probably skip this survival guide entirely and read some Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

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