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” Don't get me wrong, I wasn't looking for a carbon copy of myself, but no one seemed to have the same outlook on life, and very few of the same interests – at least no one within a 25 mile radius!

To be honest, at the time it left me feeling more hopeless than hopeful. Eleven years later and I'm happily married now, but I still see many of my single friends struggling with that same dilemma.

We currently have three clubs in Perth Central, Perth South and Perth North with plans to expand in the coming years.

Partners and Friends offers two options for singles to choose from, the Sapphire Membership and the Diamond Membership.

Challenge yourself to go on dates with five people which you don't think you would fancy. It sounds obvious, but so many people set up a profile and then just sit there passively waiting to be bombarded with messages.

You might find that what you are looking for is actually something completely different from what you originally though.4. Dating should be fun, so don't put too much pressure on meeting 'the one' straight away.

Recently, our wine tasting tour and lunch in Swan Valley proved to be a favourite amongst our members.

All events are expertly coordinated, so members can simply select the ones they find most appealing and enjoy the experience.

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Never pay anything again since there is no cost to use this site. No matter what type of relationship that you are looking for; fun movie nights, eating out, parties, picnics or just hanging at the park this is the place for you.Life doesn't work that way, at least not for us advanced, critically-thinking apes. Well, just recently, while out with a single friend, she mentioned her recent foray into the world of “mindful dating” – on a site called Meet Mindful.Knowing that I'm into this “mindfulness stuff”, she gave me a tour on her phone. I wish this platform had been around when I was dating!Partners and Friends clubs are divided by region to ensure that members are notified about the events closest to them.However, with events being held all across Perth, members are welcome to attend any club event that they choose.

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