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I suppose that’s normal early on, but building a strong friendship is about being honest, open, and free.If you free yourself up to do small things, he’ll likely feel the same way.What started as an occasional thing “when we felt like it” became a weekly event. We’d stumbled upon something that was ours, and which gave us a weekly excuse to simply hang out together. Maybe a weekly run or a regular workout class could be your thing.The bartenders learned our names and drink preferences. A friend of mine volunteers with her guy every week or two at different organizations around their city.The more I complain about someone—a classmate, a coworker, a family member—the less likely I am to think well of that person going forward, no matter what they do. For some reason, it seems expected that we’ll gripe about guys with our friends. I can honestly say that my husband is my best friend, and we’ve had a blast building that friendship.Constant complaining turns into self-fulfilling prophecy. But if you did the same about one of your girlfriends, how long do you think you could stay in a really close, open, and honest relationship with her? If you find you’re about to complain, trade your comment out for something positive. Maybe not, but if you really feel like you need to hash out a problem with a friend, pick one trustworthy, nonjudgmental person with whom you can share your grievances, and then do your best to let it go. Besides, when the fancy dinner is over and the champagne runs dry, wouldn’t you love to go home with your best friend?Little check-ins throughout the day or week keep you on each others’ minds and build positive feelings around your relationship.

I recommend reassuring your partner once a week for the first three months that you want this relationship.

Brittle suggests simply adding some meaning to the mundane morning routine by taking a few minutes to ask about the day ahead or share a long kiss to get the day started right.

When I was dating someone, I often felt like everything I said or sent had to have weight.

I feel thrilled that they thought of me in the middle of their busy life. Time with your guy doesn’t have to be big and important.

It can be a quick text of a funny conversation you had, or an impromptu happy hour after a hard day at work (or a normal, boring day at work).

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