Dating game tv show 1970

Prizes were determined by the number of chips a player had at the end of the show, and the player with the most chips got to earn money by rolling dice; on one die was a spade, which cost a player his/her accumulated bonus winnings if it came up. Carpenter of Mc Hale's Navy) as host, but he was quickly replaced by Jack Clark. They'd have contestants pick one of her purses and sometimes there was a key in it for a new car, or money.

At the end of the show they'd go in a glass booth with a purse, turn a blowing machine on, drop money, and they'd have to catch the money while it was in the air and put it in their purse. Family Feud It started in 1976 on ABC daytime, & added a syndicated primetime show in '77. Two families of 5 competed answering questions with answers based on 100-person surveys.

Card Sharks It ran for 3 years on NBC and Jim Perry was the host.

It debuted on September 6,1978 to September 9, 1981.

Among the most popular were blackjack, Any Pair Loses, and a wheel on which each of the four card suits had odds; players picked a suit and could win chips based on the odds if the wheel came up right. The host I'm not sure of, but the hostess was Jane Nelson.

Three rounds were played, the last round being "All or Nothing" in which the two contestants wager all or none of their winnings on the last question, based on the odds of the audience's confidence on the celebrities' answers.

Concentration This game featured a board which was approximately 8 boxes across and 8 down.

Each contestant took turns selecting two boxes, trying to match what was hidden underneath.

As you made matches, that part the underlying puzzle was revealed, which had to be solved in order to win the game.

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