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(Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, Feb 2011) Domaine Coursodon has long been one of the leading St Joseph wine estates.

The youthful but intelligent Jérôme Coursodon is keen to emphasise the individuality and personality of this appellation which is credited with producing Syrah which approaches Pinot Noir in its silky texture and refinement.

Its vineyards run due south on the west side below Condrieu, and are in six communes: Mauves, Tournon, St Jean-de-Muzols, Lemps, Vion and Glun.

The styles of wine in St Joseph tend to be much lighter than other red Appellations d' Origine Contrôlee and the quality can vary dramatically.

Little to no sulphur is used, and the wines are bottled without fining and filtering.

A noble black grape variety grown particularly in the Northern Rhône where it produces the great red wines of Hermitage, Cote Rôtie and Cornas, and in Australia where it produces wines of startling depth and intensity.

The region is the first level of administrative divisions on the France map.

Australian Shiraz tends to be sweeter than its Northern Rhône counterpart and the best examples are redolent of new leather, dark chocolate, liquorice, and prunes and display a blackcurrant lusciousness.Area of region of Pays de la Loire is 32 081,77 km ².Population density of Pays de la Loire is 107,55 inhabitants per km².In St Joseph the watchwords are elegance, aromatic refinement and poise on the palate.Jérome Coursodon fully subscribes to such attributes.

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