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The trickle-down continues: As INSIDER's Talia Lakritz reported, matchmaking is trendy again, especially among people who are frustrated by dating apps. Jean Carroll, cofounder of Tawkify, a network of "dating concierges," and Carroll told her that the service works at least partly because it "limits your choices." Carroll also said you have double the odds of meeting someone through a matchmaker than through online dating — though you have to be in a certain financial position to use one.

There are much better ways to say the exact same thing, even this old, very simple one: "I'm going to watch [movie title], would you like to join?

Limiting your options could be the smartest move when it comes to dating, since having too many options can make it harder to choose anyone.

Tawkify's services range from to ,000 a year, Lakritz reported.

I really am not into just having sex, because (we talked about it) we both are looking for a long term relationship so I have no problem with patience, but it's going too slow, and she somehow does not want to meet more often than ~once a week and you cannot build a connection when you spend no time with each other.

How could I communicate to this person that I really like her but that I am starting to lose interest because of the insanely slow pace of the relationship?

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