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The molded seam ends at the neck and it had a pretty wide lip on it. The second one is clear, about 6 inches tall, and is of the squared off variety with a rectangular smooth base. They are both in excellent condition with no damage whatsoever. Thanks Ken Wiggins I found an old Coke Soda Water bottle today . I have tried everywhere to get some information on them. There is a stamped oval shape at the base of each clay bottle. the box looks like the bottom half has little slits in the wood to put dividers in that could hold bottles, but the top half the wood doesn't have the slits (not holes) but part of the wood was cut out a little to hold stuff in (great description) have to laugh at myself sometime. ALSO HAS A FUNNY BUMP ON THE FRONT SIDE CLOSE TO THE BOTTOM. THANK YOU, GINA Dear Digger: I lately found a Michter whisky decanter in my basement. Hi, i have an old bottle i was wondering if you could tell me the year or around the year a capped bottle of Royal Award Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. bottled by county line distillers, bardstown kentucky . I have included some pics of this bottle to give you a better idea of the shape. Thanks Chris Do you anything about a aqua blob top mineral water bottle i found in a old privy next to the old Crosley field in Cincinnati Ohio. thanks Steve Digger, I have dug two Kilmarnock Whiskey's. Good day, I have a cobalt blue bottle about 5 1/2 inches high, the front panel vertically embossed "Chamberlains". This is the only Chamberlains I have ever seen that is not aqua. On all four sides it has an indian head that resembles one on a buffalo nickle; facing the right, two feathers in the hair which is braided. It was produced in Muskogee, OK by the Coca-Cola Co. I have a question, but almost forgot to ask it while browsing. Each base is clear glass, although each base is different shaped. I know they're more commanding clean, but aside from the soil I don't have time or equipment to remove stains, I don't think. 1 is 2 types of liquor in 1/2 section of glass bottle red wax "cap" on each spout can you help Dear Digger - I am on the board of a small museum - and would like information about a bottle that is to be donated to our collection "Pee Wee Soda" - any data that you can provide would be appreciated - I have searched on the internet, but you can come up with some very odd sites with these words. It should have an interior wand and also have a label for top value.

It is approximately 8 inches in height, with a kind of rounded rectangular bottom, is clear and pictures a fisherman with a fish slung over his shoulder on the front of it. Please, do you know what this bottle was used for and where i can find out more information about it? My husband and I recently found some old bottles under some beams in our old farmhouse in Newburgh NY. The first one is about 7 inches tall, amber in color and has the words Rikers American Hair Restorer on it. Riker and Son, Druggists and Perfumists, 353 Sixth Ave, NY. 46 D23 pixcharels Hopefully, I have sent you a picture of 3 bottles that were excavated from under a building foundation in Coronado, CA. they tried to check out the date on the clasp but couldn't find out anything . Clear bottle the same,but has C embossed on bottom. The bottle is in the shape of a man sitting on a throne in black glass. I would really like to know were this bottle is from and how much it is worth. I have been told that it is a Baltimore Bottle and that it is a New York Bottle Which Of these is correct. IT appears to have a part of a Hutchinson stopper any ideal of the date The other nice one that i have is green bottle with stopper " the crown perfumery co'It still had perfume in it. I am in Arkansa bytheville area, and dont have a clue where to start looking? The lip, shoulder, and base are round while the middle is square. (I measured them with the stoppers in.) They are very ornate. I plan to auction them on ebay, but I don't want to clean them. I have just purchased at an estate auction 3 bottle of liquors 1 is 90.3 proof THE PRESIDENT'S CHOICE . corp 1 is bols name .4 types of liquor in each 1/4 section of the bottle with glass stoppers in each spout. It is not blue though, but very dark black glass and is collected avidly by the same collectors that love the perfume minis since it is so very tiny.

The top part of the cork has broken off, but the bottle still has about 1/2 the cork in it and does not leak.

It still has the Original Labels on the front and Back and the top label around the neck also. It is a clear bottle with Full Pint embossed on the front.

TRADE MARK REGISTERED - embossed on both shoulders (printed) . Kirk I have a clear glass cookie jar that was used in an old grocery store. I'm actually (not surprisingly, I'm sure) just trying to find out its approximate value these days. There was a note attached to this bottle; a separate piece of paper tied to the neck with a bit of red ribbon. Thanks, Tony Conti Bayonne, NJ Hello there, I have been hauling around a bottle with me for years and I am wondering if it means anything. It is a dark green ( I think ) in color, with no cork in it. Do you answer questions about figural liqueur decanters? Any information on these bottles would be appreciated. they are frosted, tear drop shaped coming to a tip at the end, they set in metal holders that look like they were made to brake the end off. Any help is greatly apprecated, Thank You, Jerry Mc Cormick Digger, I have a E. Philadelphia embossed on the sides the roof has shingles also embossed. Hi, my name is Kenneth and i am 15, I just recently found an old cobalt bottle from a nearby train depot remains. I have been researching constantly but have not found any information on the bottle. The other is Aqua, no cracks but has a 2454 number on the bottom. Kilmarnock distillery burnt down around 1852 and when rebuilt it became Jonny Walker in 1853. Marcia Do you have any information on the following: One cornflower blue bottle that is BIM. In fact the bottle did turn up in Santa Clara Co Have you heard of any more turning up since? Finally, do your books contain Western bottles and prices? small; Welches Grape Juice - small; Spohn's Distemper Cure - med. Do you know where I can find old bottles of glycozone, hydrogen peroxide and details about Charles Marchand that you have listed under the glycozone bottle? Leeda I came across a bottle while cleaning out an elderly relatives cellar. it has a cork top and on the front it says SCHENLEY. (I used nail polish remover to take off the paint) All the stoppers are metal/gold following the roses/vines theme. There is a block letter 'L' inside a square pressed/stamped into the metal. I mainly just wanted to thank you for your resource- your site. We received a what seems to be an early Apollinaris jug. It's 12 inches tall, clear glass, approximately 6.5 inches thick, rounded on the sides with ridges going down each side, smooth (5 inches) down the front and back. Odell, I am searching for any publications or articles devoted to any kind of bottle or printed matter using the words "Snake Oil" in them. THANKS, Hello, I found several beer bottles along with small medicine bottles and the beer are large light green glass and similar smaller about one foot and six inches respectively- they have tops gone but says brewed in Baltimore and has two boxers on the front-embossed; one down. One of these in the box sold at auction with no tag for in 1996.

Embossed on one half of bottom - R - Embossed on other half - 3 . Embossed in script - COCA COLA - on both shoulders and on bottom. Someone who knows bottles said it is the original, and the date on it is when it was made. Can you please estimate the value of this bottle for me? Thank You Jane Hello I was researching information on a decanter I have, and I was led to your website by AOL search. I wondered if it wouldn't be too much trouble if you could possibly tell me anything you might know about it that I might be interested in. Would anyone be able to tell me any information concerning a small bottle (flask? I got it at an estate auction a couple of years ago. It is in perfect shape and still has the cork and contents in tact. On the back in raised letters it states Crain's Quinine and Tar Crane Medicine, CO. My question is where do I get more info on this bottle? If you can help or point me in the right direction that would be Great. Karen Calomiris Digger, I have an old bottle with the raised lettering that says," De Ku YPERS"squareface". clown-old tramp looking really, reminds one of Charlie Chaplin, made in Germany ,holds six different colored pottery-ceramic shot cups If you could help me please i will send further description. It was distilled and bottled by Stitzel Weller out of Louisville Kentucky. It is in the shape of a cabin w/door and windows and 1840 and the address of 120 walnut st. New York City it is a square shaped bottle with embossing on bottom, W. Co Im guessing it is from around the 1880's-1890's since the lip is applied but there is no pontil. On the bottom it has 1851, along with the Kilmarnock markings. The book I have only lists the Aqua bottle for .00. Do you have any ideas about this particular bottle? I found a bottle with the name "The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co. You were right about the existence of an Azule Springs near Palo Alto (at least in 1899, according to Palo Alto maps). - small; Meade & Baker Carbolic Mouthwash - small; Sauer's Extract - small; Burnett's Extracts - med. Patent pending, was this a beer bottle or for root beer. thank You Barbara Dear Sir, I noticed the picture of the glycozone bottle on your site. 1 is on a metal/gold base that has a skirt around it-no feet, & the last one is on 4 metal/gold feet. They had been painted gold, after I consulted an antique dealer about removing the paint carefully, they were a very bright gold underneath. The only marks I can find, 1 is on the inside of the part that screws on from the top of the bottle-metal/gold part to the IRICE bottle. If you have any suggestions or hints they are welcome. I'm curious about the kind of bottle, possible kerosene or medical, I think because of the writing. IT HAS 120 WALNUT ST PHILADELPHIA ON ONE SIDE AND 'E C BOOZ'S OLD CABIN WHISKEY ON THE OTHER SIDE. I BOUGHT THIS BECAUSE OF THE COLOR SINCE I AM NOT A DRINKER HAD NEVER HEARD OF THE CO. I will appreciate your help, If you could , or know any info about this co. Also any cosmetic item marked France has an automatic extra added credit on the final value.

But if you do find time for requests such as mine, then you have my sincerest thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you! H in gold on the flap, and the two flasks have leather sleeves. I bought it because it seemed like an antique although the leather is in very good condition. I would like info like, age-price-contents-company info. I will be sending you about 4 or 5 e-mails with pictures of bottles that i would like some info on. Finer seam starts at top of bottle down to top of panels. Heavier seam goes from bottom of bottle to within 3/4" of bottom of lip.

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