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There are now two distinct branches of the Reform Movement as a result of the 1951 split.

One uses the name "Seventh-Day Adventist Reform Movement" (sometimes referred to as the Nicolici group, or '51 movement), whereas the other uses the name "International Missionary Society, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Reform Movement." Both have entirely different organizations, personnel, and websites.

The original Adventist Movement had come out of the greatest religious awakening and revival since apostolic times (1814-1844), but it was not until the American Civil War (1861-1865) that expedience demanded it organize as a distinct denomination. After the war, while hoping for reconciliation with their former brethren, they found it necessary to organize in order to legally hold their collective resources and support their ministers and workers.

Note the official statement: “The denomination of Christians calling themselves Seventh-day Adventist, taking the Bible as their rule of faith and practice are unanimous in their views that its teachings are contrary to the spirit and practice of war, hence they have ever been conscientiously opposed to bearing arms.” –Letter to Austin Blair, Governor of Michigan, August 3, 1864, (Signed) John Byington, J. Since many had been members of the International Missionary and Tract Society of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, they originally organized in 1919 in Germany as "Internationale Missionnsgesellshaft der Siebententags Adventisten Alte seit 1844 stehengebliebene Richtung Deutsche Union" (International Missionary Society of Seventh-day Adventists, old movement standing firm since 1844).

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But during General Conference delegates’ meetings held in the Netherlands, on May 21, 1951, the acting Secretary of the General Conference, Dimitru Nicolici, from Romania, objected to certain procedures of the meetings and walked out with 10 other delegates and an interpreter.

Within a few days, this group had set up their own separate organization with Nicolici as president and retained the name that he had registered in the U. in 1949 with approval by the General Conference; it had eliminated the International Missionary Society part of the name.

In July 1925, brief basic Principles of Faith were formally compiled by representatives from around the world during a Reform Movement General Conference meeting in Gotha, Germany.The General Conference website of the former is in Roanoke, VA), while the General Conference website of the latter can be found at in Cedartown, GA).The organizational structure of the International Missionary Society follows the original pattern of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.Below is a list of people by last name in alphabetical order who show residency in Cedartown, GA.Each name is accompanied by the zip code that person is associated with, along with their phone number if it is not private. Chris Boyle by Christopher Boyle NEW YORK – Telemarketers have always been a thorn in the side of pretty much anyone and everyone with a phone, and while the advent of cell phones – whose numbers are not typically made public, unlike landlines – have made it more difficult for unwanted solicitors to interrupt your quality time, telemarketers are a crafty ...

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