Dating in ind

“A pre-defined space to socialise is always preferred as it allows for a level of anonymity and acceptance,” says Sridhar Rangayan, a film-maker and a queer rights activist.

Mumbai saw its first exclusive LGBTQ platform in the form of Bombay Dost — India’s first queer magazine — in 1990.

Even then, there is no guarantee of assertive action. Not all bleak Yet, the community continues to chase a sense of hope for inclusion on social media, as access to other queer individuals helps cope with the stigma.

It featured a section where gay men could invite potential partners to write letters to them.

By the mid ’90s, interactive online platforms like Yahoo Messenger provided an alternative to the magazines.

American dating app, Tinder, launched in India in 2014, followed by Indian dating apps, such as Truly Madly (2015) and ek Coffee (2016), sparking an online dating culture.

But while the straight population woke up to this revolution only in the last year or so, the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer) community has long embraced online matchmaking.

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