Dating in maidstone

You’ve already heard about the ropes but a ringing room usually contains a variable amount of memorabilia and history as well.All Saints has a ringing history dating back over three centuries some of which is represented by the Peal boards, record books, photographs and trophies.

Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.If you want proof please read the testimonies page. Although churches had bells in them for many centuries, the present method of change ringing has evolved from the initiatives of Fabian Stedman in 1640. There are ten bells in the tower at All Saints ranging from the lightest - the Treble – weighing five cwt/diameter twenty-nine inches to the heaviest – the Tenor – weighing thirty-two cwt./diameter fifty-six inches.There are two ‘strokes’ in bellringing – the hand stroke when the sally is grasped with both hands whilst maintaining hold of the tailend and ‘the backstroke’ when only the tailend is held.It sounds quite complicated – rather like learning to drive a car – but with time, effort, aptitude and commitment a learner may be able to handle a bell competently and safely within six months.

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