Dating in mongolia

I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, USA but lived in Paris, France and Bilbao, Spain until I was five years old. As a native English speaker and cultural ambassador in a Mongolian vocational school, I co-taught classes to students studying to be painters, secretaries, graphic designers, and tour guides. How did you find the transition to living in a foreign country?I tutored teachers, organized and led English clubs, and wrote an introductory art textbook for beginning English students. I’ve lived abroad several times and traveled extensively in Asia but it was still a challenging, although incredibly worthwhile, transition.Employing rigorous research, first-person narratives, and iconic photography, he hopes to share with the world a nomadic people in the midst of an unprecedented transition towards urban ways of life. How long have you lived in Mongolia and how long are you planning to stay?

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He has a passion for wandering off the beaten path, exploring diverse cultures, and getting outdoors via hiking, camping, and horseback riding.

Peter chronicled his adventures this past year in his blog,

Currently, as part of his successful Kickstarter campaign, he is working on an e Book, photo book, and e-newsletter to share his experiences in the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.” He aims in his work to promote curiosity, cross-cultural understanding, and increased levels of awareness regarding salient environmental, social, and economic crises, focusing on cultures undergoing extreme changes due to forces of globalization.

The one fun part of living in Ulaanbaatar is that there aren’t many foreigners around, so the spot feels off the beaten path.

Plus, the chicks here have a sexy, unique look that I loved.

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