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For example, the study noted that the ability to smell certain bodily fluids, such as vaginal fluids, sperm and sweat, “seems to enrich the sexual experience,” Business Insider reported.This is not the first time research suggested that sense of smell may play a role in an individual's sex life.

The image of self-publishing has been improving, since many well-known writers, who generate high quality content, have first started by self-publishing, or have switched from traditional publishing to self-publishing.

Up until two decades ago, self-publishing used to be described by the negative term vanity press with the connotation that the only reason that a book was being printed was to satisfy the author’s personal ego.

Traditional publishers typically paid authors a percentage of the sales of their books, so publishers would select only those authors whose books they believed were likely to sell well.

Nevertheless, part of the reason for the negative stigma is that many self-published books, particularly in past decades, were of dubious quality.

For example, in 1995, a retired TV repairman self-published his autobiography in which he described how he had been stepped on by a horse when he was a boy, how he had been almost murdered by his stepfather when he was a young man in Mexico, and how his ex-wife had clawed his face with her fingernails.

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