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It is named after the village of Louth, which in turn is named after Lugh, a god of the ancient Irish.

Historically, the placename has had various spellings; “Lugmad”, “Lughmhaigh”, and “Lughmhadh” . County Louth is colloquially known as ‘The wee county’ as it is Ireland’s smallest county by area.

These are some of the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in County Louth The beautiful Beaulieu House (1680) is located 3 miles from the town of Drogheda in co. This is a rare example of a late c.17th mansion that stills exists in Ireland without alterations. According to legend, the mortally wounded Cúchulainn bound himself to this 10 [...]This National Monument is the wonderful Muiredach’s High Cross located in Monasterboice, co. It is regarded as the most beautiful Celtic cross in the World and Ireland’s greatest contribution to European sculpture.

This was [...]Cúchulainn's Stone (Clochafarmore) is located near the village of Knockbridge in co. It stands 18 [...]This national monument is Ardee Castle located on the main street of Ardee in county Louth.

This national monument was allegedly built for King John of England in 1200 however recent research suggests that it may have been built by the [...]Taaffe's Castle is situated in the beautiful medieval town of Carlingford.

It was built around 1520 as a fortified townhouse and a trading depot for the Taaffe family.

It is described as a 'barbican' and is regarded as the [...]Millmount Martello Tower is located in Drogheda in county Louth.

This is Drogheda's most dominant feature and it's most strategic location.

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My ideal mate is kind, thoughtful, and open minded.

He shares similar values including a strong focus on equality, non discrimination, care of others and the environment. im a bubbly happy person, part timr student and full time mum to my daughter.

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