Dating like a bitch

That is why some Republicans can see no right in President Obama, and some Democrats can see no wrong.

Men depict women negatively on every level from religion to marketing.

In dating that would translate into: Take a woman to Mc Donald’s and get to first base. Take a woman to five-star restaurant and you get to be dessert.

If men know what to do to achieve an end, it is easy to calculate.

As with any type of gambling, the appeal is in the dopamine, which releases on the anticipation of reward.

As with any dopaminergic behavior, the opportunity for addiction exists because wanting something causes more dopamine release than actually getting it.

Valuing others opinions about our selves, is one of the requirements of membership in a social species. For the ancients, group dismissal meant death, so these evolutionary rivers run deep.

Men are pre-conditioned to thinking of women in a negative fashion, i.e. Hence, the male brain looks for things to reaffirm this.

The “raving bitch” delivers this in spades and the male brain is on it up like a stray cat lapping up a saucer of milk.

This is how goal directed behaviors in the nucleus accumbens become stimulus-response behaviors in the ventrial striatum, which is the endorsing signature of habit formation, i.e. 5) Confirmation bias and self-perception: The human brain is busy and arrogant.

Confirmation is when the it makes an assessment, creates a belief and subsequently looks for evidence to support that belief, and systematically ignores information to that challenges it.

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